The World In Your Hearing Aids

The days of uncool hearing aids are gone!

and the stigma of hearing loss is settling quickly into the dust of the past. That is because Apple, the symbol of cool consumer electronics, is working with hearing aid manufacturers to pair hearing aids with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch through Bluetooth wireless technology. That’s right…no wires…cool!

But what if you don’t use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch?

Don’t worry! Similar technology can, or soon will achieve the same results with other operating systems, including Android and Windows. Whether it’s streaming audio from Skype calls, a TV, MP3 player, smart phone, or other computing device, or connecting directly to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you can bring the world to your hearing aids…and that is cool!

How is this new technology changing everything?

Control! Traditional hearing aids offered limited user control because the electronics and buttons were restricted to hearing aids the size of a kidney bean. But that has changed with wireless connectivity, which allows hearing aid functions to be managed…without wires…by smart phones and other devices. Cool!

What does this mean to consumers?

Among other things, wireless connections allow users to view battery status, locate their hearing aids, change the settings of their hearing aids, and quickly apply an audiologist’s environmental presets when they enter different acoustic locations. With user controls outside the hearing aids, consumers can also listen to directions from a GPS while driving, participate in phone conversations, listen to music, and use a growing list of additional functions from iOS, Android, and Windows apps. Cool!

The Hearing Innovations Center

We established The Hearing Innovations Center to highlight and demonstrate the leading edge of hearing enhancement technologies….the hearing tech on the edge of tomorrow. Interactive Screens and demonstrations will help you learn how to:

  • Stream audio from a TV and smartphone
  • Connect directly to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
  • Control hearing aids from a Smartphone
  • Communicate clearly in any environment
  • Use hearing apps to enrich your hearing experience

Pacific Northwest Audiology is leading the way!

Connection products

We are the hearing and technology experts because we understand where innovation is taking the hearing industry. In particular, we could see that hearing aids alone would only solve part of the hearing loss problem.

Pacific Northwest Audiology had the vision to understand that supporting wireless tech and hearing apps would make it possible to extend hearing aid use well beyond anything anyone could have dreamed of in the past, so we established the Hearing Innovations Center to highlight these important new trends. 

Whether it’s streaming audio from Skype calls, TVs, MP3 players, smartphones, or other computing device, or connecting directly to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch…we have a solution just for you.

 A sampling of our reviews

Compassionate and cutting edge

Cutting edge knowledge, compassion, and the latest innovative products based on research. Great service to try demo pair of hearing aids and experience it’s Bluetooth capacity! Offered free closed caption phone through free ADA program that I would not have known about and that can only happen through audiologist referral. Thank you so much, because being offered that phone did help offset the emotions of learning about having lost yet even more hearing.

Best hearing-care service in Central Oregon

I’ve worked with around half a dozen different audiology labs, and Pacific Northwest Audiology is the best. Working with audiologist Dr. Ian S. Odgear is awesome; he is extremely knowledgeable, highly skilled with his equipment and software, thoroughly comprehensive in his approach and very personable. At every appointment, Dr. Odgear has been exhaustive in pursuing the very best solutions for my hearing care, and he always delivers. The facility’s sound booth is also state-of-the-art.

Audiology Screening

At one of PNWA’s events, which was very informative, I learned that tinnitus may be a sign of hearing loss. I went for a screening and found that my hearing is normal. My mom, who wears aids, also had a screening and was happy to know that her hearing level had not changed. The staff is very friendly and professional, and made sure we understood our screening results. We will continue to see PNWA for our hearing health. We highly recommend them.

Best Experience Ever

I was so impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the people I interacted with. I learned so many facts about how my ears function. Getting to see my ear drum was really cool. The way the graphs were displayed on a large screen made it so easy to understand the status of my hearing ability. I would encourage you to have your hearing checked sooner rather then later.

You can find more than 400 5-Stars here!

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