Special Deals and Events

1. Connect and Thrive,  8.30.2017

Another great event on the way!

We will explore the similarities between psychology, neurosciences, and hearing research. 

We are a social species and we are hardwired to connect with others. Research tells us that our need for social connections is as strong as our need for food, water and shelter.

  • Social isolation leads to loneliness, mental decline, and early death
  • People with hearing loss tend to drop out…they become socially isolated
  • Learn how hearing tech empowers people to remain socially connected
  • …and how connections empower life!

The bottom line: Hearing empowers social health and connections empower life!

This event will be on August 30, 2017. Call 541-678-5698 to register!

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2. Monthly Hearing Information Seminars

Hearing Seminars

  • These hearing seminars are free to the public, and will cover a wide range of topics
  • Presenters include Dr. Li AuD PhD, and Dr Ian Odgear AuD
  • Presentations will be conducted in the Pacific Northwest Audiology Conference room, on the third Wednesday of each month, from noon to 2pm
  • Seating is limited to 20 persons per session so an RSVP is necessary
  • Call today at 541-678-5698 to reserve your seat
  • See the table for details, below

Monthly Seminars

3. Free Doctor Consultation

…with a Doctor of Audiology…not a technician (Hearing Aid Dispenser). We offer this public service so people can make informed decisions about their health care.


  • This consultation is offered to all interested people as a public information service.
  • A Doctor of Audiology will answer all your questions about hearing loss, the clinical process, diagnostic methods, and treatment options.
  • This offer does not include a hearing assessment or test, and it is not an incentive for generating diagnostic, audiologic, hearing aid, or other professional services.
  • Call 541-678-5698 and ask for a free Doctor consultation!
  • Remember: Credentials matter! We have the most talented and knowledgeable team of Doctoral-level audiologists in the Region.

4. Invisible Hearing Aids Risk-Free Trial

If you qualify, we will fit you with a pair of invisible hearing aids for a 30 days evaluation trial. This is a great opportunity to experience a life changing event…risk free!

Call 541-678-5698…don’t miss this opportunity!


Advantages of Lyric Hearing Aids

  • Lyric invisible hearing aids can be worn 24/7 while sleeping, talking on the phone, exercising, or even while showering.
  • Lasts for up to 4 months without changing batteries.
  • Delivers exceptional sound quality …even in noisy environments.
  • No complicated programs and completely invisible.
  • Gives you the benefits of automatic technology upgrades.

Lyric Risk-Free Trial Details

  • Book an appointment here to reserve your Risk-Free Trail.
  • One of our Doctors will assess your hearing and determine whether you are a good candidate for Lyric. Then they will counsel you on your treatment options.
  • If Lyric is a good personal option…try Lyric risk-free for 30 days
  • This is a risk free trial…you have no obligation to purchase.

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