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Pacific Northwest Audiology is approaching 90 independently verified Five Star Reviews…and they are all fabulous! The “Customer Review” Hall of Fame was erected to highlight the most informative reviews…the ones that we feel tell the most relevant stories about the customer experience at Pacific Northwest Audiology.

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THE Center for Hearing Loss & Tinnitus Treatment”

Dr Li-Korotky and her outstanding staff provide the ultimate in compassionate professional care and treatment for anyone suffering from hearing loss and/or Tinnitus. The combination of years of training and research in Audiology, Tinnitus and hearing loss, PLUS the most advanced technology available simply cannot be surpassed. Pacific Northwest Audiology is simply the the best, not to be missed for those with hearing loss. P.L.


I met with Dr. Li-Korotky on July 29, 2013 for her evaluation of my hearing impairment that has affected me for over 40 years.  I have been to numerous medical professionals from audiologists to MD’s to Neurology MD specialists and have come to accept that their practices were mainly financially driven.  Dr. Li-Korotky gave me a thorough evaluation and took the time to fully explain the ramifications of my disability.  She further explained and showed me a previously undiagnosed trauma in my right ear.  She is thorough and extremely well versed in her field.  She cares about her patients and will lend much needed credibility to her field of practice.  I highly recommend her to those in need of answers. G. B.



Well worth the time, incredibly informative. Dr Li-Korotky is so passionate and professional about her work that it could not help but make me feel as if I mattered 100% to her, it is incredible what I learned from her. The office is so peaceful, serene, warm and welcoming, made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. I would not hesitate one minute to recommend this service to anyone for a baseline consultation. Hearing loss is a devastating condition for anyone, don’t wait! J.T.


“Phonak hearing system”

Having had hearing issues earlier and went to another audiology office and was fitted with hearing aids that were uncomfortable and not very user friendly. Fast forward 10 years and due to a hearing issue, went to Pacific Audiology as a result of a friends recommendation. The entire staff made you feel “at home” and Dr. Li-Korotky provided an excellent hearing system that was truly a gift to restore my hearing loss. Everyone is most helpful and it has been a rewarding experience. A.D.



After searching years, first day I saw Dr. Li-Korotky she helped me! I could hear so clearly. It has been that way now for over a year and I couldn’t ask for a more qualified, caring doctor. She is fantastic!! She takes her time with you, shows you how everything works. She is a rare audiologist as well as a caring person. Five stars doesn’t do her justice. ML.J.


“I can hear the sound of crickets again”

I cannot imagine a more thorough, more competent or more caring audiologist than Dr. Li. After actually getting my hearing aids, I was thrilled. I could hear many long forgotten sounds. I was completely happy but Dr. Li wanted me to have a “Real-Ear Speech Mapping” session where she would optimize my hearing aids. At the conclusion of this session, the most amazing thing happened to me. I could hear the sounds of crickets! I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Li to anyone suffering from hearing loss. D.S.



All the staff are great to work with. They go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and are willing to help make you laugh. I especially like the explanation and overlays of the test so that it is clear as to what is going on with your hearing. I have never seen someone make it so easy for anyone to understand. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that needs help in their field. I give them 10 out of 5 stars possible. J.H.


Great Service Always”

I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 20 some years and this is the best service I’ve ever had. Also – best set of hearing devices I’ve ever used. B.L.


“Very Professional”

I have been to a couple other audiology firms both local and in other parts of Oregon. This was the best and most satisfying experience I have had. I highly recommend this office for all your hearing needs. G.C.


Remarkable experience to be the center of attention”

Ten stars! Dr. and staff are passionate, compassionate, incredibly knowledgeable, personable and very giving of their time. You feel you have been to a friend’s house; utterly trustworthy. Recommend heartily to anyone with hearing challenges. J.B.


“So thankful and excited to finally understand!”

After having many years of somewhat unintelligible speech, and hearing loss, it was so great to go to Dr. Li-Korotky and actually understand the sounds that my son was not hearing well. We now can work more specifically on his speech articulation! Thank you!!

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