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We’ve all seen the Rubik’s cube…a 3 dimensional puzzle in the shape of a cube with multicolored squares covering each face. The object is to scramble the faces so the colors appear chaotically…then twist each face alternately until the colors are once again aligned. You can try to solve the puzzle with random moves…if you have nothing better to do for a considerable amount of time. Or…you can learn how to methodically solve the puzzle…which will leave more time for family, friends, and life.

The clinical process is like solving the Rubik’s Cube…but you won’t need to randomly twist your way through a chaotic arrangement of colors to solve your hearing problems. The clinical process at Pacific Northwest Audiology is expertly designed to help us solve the puzzle of your individual hearing loss…while presenting solutions that will change your life.

You may feel like a chaotic arrangement of colors in the beginning…but our clinical process will help you become a well organized alignment of colors.


Clinical Services

So…this is what you can expect

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The Initial Meeting

History and Ear Exam

  • During your initial visit, Dr. Li-Korotky will compile your medical and hearing history. The Doctor will also discuss your lifestyle preferences and budget goals so she has a baseline for helping you during the treatment phase.
  • Following the initial consultation, the Doctor will use a video otoscope to examine your outer ear, ear canal, and ear drum for underlying medical conditions, infections, or ear wax build-up that might prevent clear hearing test results.
  • If the otoscope examination suggests an underlying medical condition, you will be referred to an Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist for further medical evaluation.
  • Otherwise, the Doctor will conduct specialized tests to assess your hearing health.

The Hearing Assessment

  • Dr. Li-Korotky will administer a series of diagnostic tests using the most advanced technology available, to determine your hearing health.
  • If the hearing tests indicate an underlying medical condition, Dr Li-Korotky will refer you to an ENT specialist for possible medical intervention.
  • If the assessment reveals a hearing loss, the Doctor will discuss the type and degree of your hearing loss and schedule a second appointment to discuss treatment options.
  • More information on our diagnostic services can be found here.

The Treatment Consultation

  • At the conclusion of testing, the Doctor will discuss her preliminary findings with you.
  • The Doctor will discuss the characteristics of your hearing loss, recommend effective treatment strategies, and suggest options that best address your condition.

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