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350 5-Star Reviews

rEVIEWSWe Don’t Just Talk…We Deliver!

These independent reviews will tell you everything you want to know about our staff …our services …our clinic …and our successes. Our customers have high expectations and we deliver!  Learn more

We will never lay down on the job

We wiKing Kong and sleeping audiologist 2ll NOT sleep on the job!

We will remain awake and vigilant so we can improve your hearing and the quality of your life. If King Kong is in the area, we will know it…we won’t fail you! 

Of course, that’s more than we can say for the guy in the picture, who disappeared without a trace…suddenly! 


We will never be fat and happy

Fatt and HappyWe will always be at the edge 

of hearing science and technology, and the high end of service. That will keep us lean, alert, and attentive to your hearing needs. Our practitioners will always have the highest academic & clinical credentials …and none of our practitioners will ever be “hearing aid dispensers”. You deserve the best and we will deliver!

Need More Reasons?

Choose us because we are redefining hearing care

  • We discarded old thinking and imagined new possibilities for hearing care. Then we forged a new path through the wilderness of old ideas. Now we have one of the most acclaimed audiology clinics in the Country
  • We developed the a Hearing Innovations Center to demonstrate the leading edge of wireless hearing technologies…” the hearing tech on the edge of tomorrow”

Choose Us For What We Can Do For You

  • From consulting, diagnosis, and hearing aid fitting, to follow-up tuning, counseling, and rehabilitation, we offer the widest range of diagnosis, solutions, and treatment options for hearing loss, tinnitus, and other hearing disorders.
  • We have the knowledge… the skill… the technology… & desire to improve your life!


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Choose Us For Who We Are

  • We are a locally owned independent practice so we aren’t limited by corporate sales partnerships or directives.
  • We are free to offer the most advanced hearing aids available, from whichever vendor best suites your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.

Choose Us For What We Know

  • Dr. Li-Korotky is a highly respected Audiologist with AuD and PhD credentials. She has extensive clinical and research experience with more than 100 scientific publications.
  • The Doctor’s wide ranging education and experience qualifies her to evaluate and treat a full spectrum of hearing disorders for all age groups.
  • This experience is important because hearing loss can signal underlying medical conditions and Dr. Li-Korotky has the diagnostic capability to uncover this potential during your hearing exam.

Choose Us for What We Believe

  • We believe that hearing health is a vital part of a good life…that untreated hearing problems can have a truly devastating effect on your overall health and happiness. That is why we are committed to your long-term satisfaction.
  • Our goals focus on your better health…your better hearing…your better life!

Choose Us For an Exceptional Experience

  • Pacific Northwest Audiology is a special place, with great accessibility and easy parking.
  • We are located just down the street from the Original Pancake House, in a beautiful setting near the Old Mill District.
  • Our office is more than a clinic…we have gone to great lengths to provide a unique environment and an exceptional experience.

Let our customers tell you “why us”!

Quality Care!

Dr. Li is truly a master of her craft; sooo fortunate to have found her. She has given me a new perspective on “healthy hearing maintenance”. I joined their annual maintenance program (for a dollar per day, why not; less than a cup of black coffee at S’bucks). As such, I’ve enjoyed two sessions, to date, with Dr. Ian Odgear. Now there’s brilliant young man who is passionate about his job. And the technology at his fingertips is simply WOW! And Kat and David… super service with a simile!

Unrivaled service

Tip-top service, as always. Dr. Ian S. Odgear is an incredibly thorough and eminently skilled audiologist. I’m always confident he’s going to search exhaustively for the best solution to my hearing needs, and he always delivers in spades. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

…and more than 400 other 5-Star Reviews!

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