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A collection of our favorite YouTube Videos…from hearing loss to Tinnitus. Each video is 30 seconds long and devoted to a particular aspect of Pacific Northwest Audiology. Note also the videos in the side bar to the right.

I could hear the sound of cricketsI could hear the sound of crickets!

Pacific Northwest Audiology has hearing aid solutions for every lifestyle and budget…we are the hearing experts and we have more than 100 verified 5-star reviews!


Teens Harmed by EarbudsTeens Harmed by Earbuds

Teens love their music. They listen thru earbuds…and they love it loud! But loud music thru earbuds can damage their hearing. And that damage can’t be fixed…ever!


Earbud GenerationThe Earbud Generation

They love their music, they love to listen thru Earbuds, and they love it LOUD. But loud music thru earbuds will damage their hearing over time…and that damage is permanent!


We Bring the WorldBringing the World to hearing aids!

Whether it’s streaming video and audio from your TV, phone, or computing devices, or connecting directly to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch…we have a solution just for you.


We are the Baby Boom generationWe are the Baby Boom generation!

We are living longer…healthier… and more actively than our parents’ generation. We take care of ourselves…and we refuse to sit on the sidelines of life!

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